Pos Xpress

Effortless order with payment convenience

A lightweight app for micro-merchants to place orders and receive payments on the go, simplifying your business wherever you are

   Effortless order placement

Seamlessly navigate the ordering process with quick item selection and customization, ensuring a smooth and efficient experience.

   Enhanced User Experience

Enjoy an intuitive interface designed for clarity and simplicity, providing an enjoyable and visually appealing journey from menu exploration to payment completion.

   Swift Payment Processing

Experience the convenience of swift and secure payment transactions, reducing waiting times for both customers and merchants. Accept a variety of payment methods seamlessly.

   On-the-Go Convenience

Stay connected and in control with a mobile-friendly platform, allowing customers to place orders and merchants to monitor transactions anytime, anywhere.

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Key features of Pos Xpress

App-based simplicity

Xpress offers a lightweight and user-friendly app-based POS solution, ensuring ease of use in today's mobile-centric environment.

Merchant empowerment

Empowering merchants to independently manage menu setup, orders, payments, and sales reporting, Xpress eliminates the need for third-party dealers, providing convenience and control.

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