Customer Experience Management (CXM)

Customer Experience Management (CXM)

Build lasting relationships with your customers

Zeoniq CXM helps you deliver value at each customer touchpoint to provide the best experience.

  • Giving the customers what they want

  • Encourage regular visits to your store by rewarding your customers with personalized deals and promotions using the data we track, collect and store for you.

  • Drive personalization on your loyalty program

  • Personalized marketing makes your customers feel more valued and appreciated. Get closer to your customers as we help you run your promotional campaigns catered to them – all in one app, no matter how many outlets.

  • Upsell to further boost your revenue

  • We help you bring in more sales by upselling products relevant to your customers and enhancing their buying experience, helping them get the most out of their purchases.


Key features of Zeoniq CXM

Supports loyalty points and stamp cards

We help you digitalize your card-based loyalty programs for easier access, and your customers don't have to fear losing their physical cards.

Real-time point assigning and voucher redemption

We assign points for every purchase and these points are then stored for your customers, making them available for voucher redemption at any time.

Put us in your shoes

When your business is doing well, it can cause a great deal of stress. Let us dive right in and discover how we can help you cope with your problems.

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